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parquet chat w/ SUPACOOKS

Danny and Leon aka Supacooks are responsible for one of our best-selling tracks on Parquet Recordings this year. With „Aftermath“ the two boys from Armenia reached the Beatport Progressive House Top Ten and stayed there for many weeks. The track is still part of many playlists from DJs all over the world and it seems, it will become one of our label classics!

Time to ask the Supacooks about the meaning of their name, their homeland Armenia and which instruments they have used for their „hit“ „Aftermath". (November 2017)

How have you guys met each other and what's the story behind your artist name?

We met each other in 2006, when we both started djing. After becaming friends we have thoughts to make a project together. We’ve made our first steps from 2009 trying to produce tracks together. It takes 2-3 years, and finally in 2012 Supacooks was created. We have creative approach to everything so our artist name was not an exception. And as the music producing is really close to cooking process, we have thoughts to become super cooks and named our duo as “Supacooks”.

As you are armenian artists – how would you describe the electronic music scene in Armenia? Give us a little insight in the club scene. Which locations are your favorite spots?

To be honestly we’re not living the best days for club scene here in Armenia. It was in a big crisis for a long time. A lot of clubs have closed. But it seems it will grow again soon. All the djs and promo groups here are trying to make electronic music more popular. A lot of events in the clubs, cafes and big outdoor events as well, invite artists from all over the world. Beside this we’ve started our own label – Kitchen Recordings; we help new producers to release their tracks, we do our label nights, gather a lot of people around electronic music.

Talking about producing. Which DAW are you using? Can you tell us which instruments you have used for your Parquet Hit „Aftermath"? As you are a duo – Who does what in the studio? Do you have your own skills or do you both do everything?

We use Ableton Live, and waiting for the 10th version with impatience :-)))

For our track “Aftermath” we used Sylenth from Lennar Digital, NI Massive, Spire from Reveal Sound, Prophet, Jupiter and Diva from U-he. The main synth is made with Spire. Studio work mainly done by Danny, but Leon also is having his part in cooking process.

Beside these Leon is managing our label (Kitchen Recordings) and Danny is A&R. 


Are there any news you want to tell us?

First of all there are some changes in our music and style. We’re moving to more underground mood with progressive house and techno sounds. We’ll have some new and interesting collaborations with different artists soon. 


Your 3 favourite Parquet Recordings Tracks?


Solee - Ditzingen (Original Mix)

D-Nox & Beckers, Santiago Franch - Summer Lights (Original Mix)

Rauschhaus & Peer Kusiv - Deuterium (Original Mix)



Township Rebellion - Challenger (Original Mix)

Jos & Eli - Seventies (Original Mix)

Anii - Lift Us Free (Original Mix) 

More infos about Supacooks:


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