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It was at the age of 8 that Jeremy, alias Several Definitions, developed his desire to be in the world of music by receiving drums for Christmas. He took lessons for more than 6 years, played several concerts for his friends and learned the basics of music. After he received his first paycheck, Jeremy bought his first turntables. Growing up in the Hip Hop culture, he liked scratching with his friends but over time, Jeremy was more and more interested in faster and catchy beats like House music. He was 18 years old when he made his first tracks. Active by nature, Jeremy headed to a mix between house and electro sounds. The moniker “Several Definitions” was created in 2014, after Jeremy decided to continue with more Techno influenced music. Releases on well-known labels, such as Stil vor Talent, Diynamic and Suara followed soon. According to him, loss, love and joy are the feelings that give him the greatest inspiration. His productions are intense and full of various sounds, all built on a line of percussions. Warm atmospheres, captivating melodies and catchy beats.


End of March 2020 we are happy and proud to present you Jeremy´s 5th Single/EP release called "Words | Elyia" on Parquet Recordings. Time to ask him some questions about his musical background, studio work, future plans and more. (March 2020)

How did you get into electronic music? What’s your musical background and do you remember your first record you bought?

Well, I played the drums for 8 years when I was young. Then I bought my first turntables. I started scratching hip hop. Over time, my ears have taken a liking to more electronic sounds. My first electronic record was Daft Punk’s album, Discovery!


Let’s talk about some nerdy studio things. How many time do you spend in your studio and which DAW are you using?

Currently I spend less time in the studio. Unfortunately I can't live on music, I work 100% in my main job. In addition, since I launched my label "Récits de Mars", the time I spent in the studio, is dedicated to the label. It's another pleasure, but it slowed down my productions. For a while, I forced myself to go to the studio to produce, produce and produce. All this to keep up to date with EPs, etc. I noticed that it had reached the quality of my songs and the meaning I gave them. They had less souls. Nowadays, since I go less to the studio, I am more than motivated and focused. I manage to give good energy. I use Ableton live, I find that this program is really effective! I use hardware and software. Nowadays, VSTs have evolved so much that they have great quality!


What are the things you discovered yourself about the music business that you wish someone told you in the very beginning of your career?

How difficult this world is! Lots of false promises. Unfortunately, it is not a healthy world.


Tell us something about your future 2020 plans?

Devote myself to my label and produce what I want, when I want! Don’t block myself on producing tracks that must be some beatport hits! Haha


Your 3 favourite Parquet Recordings tracks?

Alyne – No One Saves You

Fat Sushi – Thousand & One

Several Definitions – Female ;-)

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