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parquet chat w/ RAUSCHHAUS

As a passionate musician he plays a variety of instruments, and concentrates on different genres of music. Making music always took a big place in his life and was always part of it. We had the first contact with Moritz Rausch aka Rauschhaus in February 2016 when he sent us a demo called „Astronaut“ and we felt in love with this track immediately. We released it a few month later as part of the parquet138 EP and it entered the beatport single chart shortly after. In the meantime a lot of things happened for the friendly guy from the german Baltic Sea coast. Time to ask Moritz about his early influences, his daily working routine and his favourite Instruments. (December 2017)


When did you start writing & producing music - and what or who were your early influences?

I began at an early age. When I was six I started with piano lessons and continued to play till I was 14. I had already made some own compositions and had a few gigs but the older I got, it didn’t catch me anymore. After that I started to play keyboard in a band and was a vocalist in another band project. But it was just a hobby. I always listened to rap and in 1999 me and two friends of mine started a hiphop project. Till 2010 I mostly concentrated on this kind of music and produced the beats for our crew and several other artists. But I always loved to party to drum n bass and jungle music and loved the energy and positive feelings this sound could generate. I loved the early works of Prodigy. Acts like Concord Dawn, High Contrast or Pendulum really catched me. Rappers like Dizzee Rascal or Wiley closed the gap between Electronic music and Rap and their beats and their style of rapping were a big inspiration to me. I loved the music of Audiobullys or Fatboy Slim. His Video from Brighton Beach 2002 was a really important impression for me. In 2011 I stopped to concentrate on Hiphop and invented my alias Rauschhaus. Since I started my musical journey I focused on many different genres of music and travelled through different scenes, but now I have a feeling that I finally arrived. I think everything is in a constant change so I don’t know where I will stay in maybe 10 ten years but for sure I won’t stop making music.


It seems like a lot happened since last year summer when your debut single „Astronaut“ was released on parquet138. You did a lot of remixes and singles over the last months, also some co-operations with other producers. How many time do you spend in your studio? Do you have any other jobs or time-consuming hobbies besides producing and playing live? Is it easy to combine everything in your daily routine?

As it´s hard right now for me to make a living by just playing venues or selling my music, I work as a social worker in a workshop for disabled people. There I work in an atelier where I invent possibilities for the people to paint and sell their pictures. As I work only 29 hours a week it´s combinable with my work as a DJ. But at the moment I feel that my Rauschhaus project is growing and developing well, so it´s taking more and more time. Apart from preparing sets or producing in my studio I have to promote my music, play and organize venues, record podcasts, care about social media, listen to promos and look for good new music to play and all that stuff. So it´s really a time consuming business to keep the engine running and build up a network. I work circa 3 hours a day in my studio, sometimes more sometimes less. There are episodes where it´s hard for me to be creative. Then I try to do something completely different like reading a good book, play a game or concentrate more on sports. Apart from making music all the time I try to see my friends as often as possible and spend quality time with my girl. I am very thankful that she takes me as I am and supports me and my dream.


Can you give us a little insight in your studio?

Which DAW are you using and which Instruments do you prefer? Any Favourites? What´s the most important piece of your equipment?

Since 2003 I work with Cubase. I tried a lot of DAWs from FL Studio to Reason, Logic or Ableton but Steinberg always convinced me with their product and constantly improved it. When playing live I use Ableton on a Macbook Pro. In my studio I use a Windows PC with the newest Version of Cubase. Within the Years I bought a lot of analog gear and prefer to use it for my productions but there are also some Vst´s that you will find in most of my tracks. I love the Fabfilter plugins, Soundtoys and the SPL stuff. The Diva from U-He is a mind-blowing software that sounds really awesome and also the cs80 from Arturia is very cool. The main pieces in my Studio are the Sub 37 by Moog and the Clavia Nordrack. All my synths are leading through my strymon reverb and a boss delay. This Effectchain is accountable for my signature sound and can also be heard at „Astronaut“. I just bought a Korg Minilogue and a Meris Polymoon which I will use in my livesets.


Which Rauschhaus projects can we expect soon?

I finished nearly 15 remixes this year and made a lot of collaborations for example with V-Cious from Ecuador or Peer Kusiv from Braunschweig. These two Collaborations appeared or will appear on Parquet Recordings. Other collaborations that I am working on right now are projects with Simon Doty from Canada, PHCK and new tracks with my close friend Peter Groskreutz who also put his hands on „Astronaut“. There will be an EP on Einmusika at the beginning of 2018, another EP on „The Plot“ and another EP on Traum Schallplatten together with David Baader. Lots of interesting stuff is in the pipeline. In the future I want to concentrate more on my own material and put my main focus on an album that I just started to work on. So lots of new tracks are in the making and I promise to constantly supply you with good music.


Your 3 favourite Parquet Recordings Tracks?

Supacooks - Aftermath (Original Mix)

Third Son & Wally Lopez - Geometry (Solee Remix)

D-Nox & Beckers & Santiago Franch - Summer Lights (Original Mix)


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