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The greek producer & DJ combo Alexandros Djkevingr and Greg Ignatovich from Thessaloniki started their career in 2013. In the meantime they already published their music on wellknown labels like Diynamic, Suara or Exploited, just to name a few. Our first contact have been in 2018 when the guys sent us their track „Help me“ and we felt in love with their unique melodic & very functional production style. With their track „Orion“ in cooperation with Kelvin Lucas they have been also part of our 200th anniversary release last year. On 21st February their first two-track EP is going to be released on parquet 213 called „Mr. Robot / Requiem (in cooperation with Paul Anthonee)“. Time to ask a few questions about their early influences, the music scene in Thessaloniki, studio workflow and more. (February 2020)

When did you start listening to electronic music and how have you
 guys met each other?

We were both thrilled in the 90's era by the first electronic artists such as Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Moby etc. We met in a small club in Thessaloniki in our early 20s and shortly after decided to start making music together.

You both live in the greek seaport Thessaloniki. Can you tell us 
something about the music scene in your hometown? Where are the hotspots for underground house & techno music in Greece in your opinion?

Our hometown has an amazing music culture and many places to enjoy music for every taste. Concerts, festivals, events and music happenings are constantly organized. People are really educated and interested in electronic music and our scene is growing every day. Greece is a wonderful place with lots of partying and there are many hotspots for house & techno music, especially during the summer season.

You mostly produce your music together – Who does what in the studio? How long did it take to produce your new forthcoming single „Mr. Robot“ from the first idea to the final version? Which DAW are you using and which instruments are your favourites?

We have a synergistic approach in the studio and all our decisions are made together. We actually fill in each other during the search of rhythms and melodies and we have a lot of fun during our daily sessions. Our tracks may take several months or just a few days.. It depends from the result and the crowd reaction we have when we drop them. "Mr. Robot" as a matter of fact, took us 3 days to finish the arrangement and the whole idea, but almost a month to make the right adjustments and the mixing of it. The first idea came from the actual tv series and a scene with Elliot Alderson and his father. Our favorite DAW at the moment is Cubase and we have been working with it exclusively the past 5 years. The VST instruments you will mostly find in our productions are Diva, Sylenth or Avenger.

What can we expect from Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich in 2020?

Some really exciting projects are coming up very soon with a lot of collaborations. In 2020 you will find us constantly on tour or inside the studio as we have a lot of work to do. Expect a lot of goodies! Obviously one of our highlights for 2020 will be the "Mr.Robot" EP along with Paul Anthonee on Parquet Recordings.


Your 3 favourite Parquet Recordings tracks?

Solee - Life on Mars

Alyne - No One Saves You

Several Definitions - M24

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