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parquet chat w/ JOS & ELI

Jos & Eli – Yossi Seluk and Eli Abutbul are two guys born in the 80's from Ashdod, Israel. Since their childhood they had a keen interest in music. Jos had a special touch with the keyboards and Eli was grooving with the drums. Their journey began in 2013 with their first track titled “The Beginning” on a minor dutch label. Playing in the biggest clubs in Tel-Aviv and Israel, recently, they have scaled up their music by releasing on labels like Diynamic, Sudbeat or Einmusika next to Parquet Recordings. After their Debut singles "Destination / Atlantis" in June 2015 and their 10 Years Track "A Sign of Salvation", they just released "Amore / Seventies" on Parquet Recordings incl. a remix by labelboss Solee. Time to ask the 2 guys from Jos & Eli about their homeland, working flow and more. (November 2017)

Could you take us through a typical day in your life? Do you have a fixed schedule? How many time do you spend with making music or collecting tracks for your DJ Sets?

Usually we tend to say „Good Morning World“ and „Thank you“ for what there is. We both live in separate but very close cities. We don't see each other every day, but we are very good friends before we started as producers. Our days aren't fixed and we're doing other Jobs beside of music.

Eli works in the „Port of Ashdod“ as a ship planner and Yossi is studying appellation development. Our time is quite limited but we both listen to music all day long. Our „Whats App“ conversations are all about music, what we need to do and some jokes to keep it funny. So I would say 2-3 times in a week we get together in the studio for producing and couple of hours more to hunt new material.

Tell us about the music scene in Israel as you played there in the biggest clubs and living there since your birth. Where is your favorite spot to DJ?

Do you see any difference to the music scene in Europe?

Every time we're excited when we get asked about the scene in Israel. I can tell you a lot, but I hope that the readers will see it in their own eyes one day. A lot of things happened here in the last couple of years, I would say that the „Psytrance“ culture, which was no. 1 in Israel for years, fell out of its power and now the techno culture is very strong in all clubs. Many new outdoor-parties, big festivals and artists are coming up every year, more and more. We have a lot of local artists here, doing many forms of electronic art and some of them are global superstars in the meantime. That’s why I think Tel-Aviv is one of the most difficult citys to stand out. Like every electronic music capital, Tel-Aviv offers you a club for every genre. We were resident DJs for the last 2 years in the legendary „The Cat & the Dog“ club, but this club finished his music tour couple of month ago and become soon something else. We played in all major clubs in our small country but it's hard to choose the best club. All of them are best in something particular, but the outdoor parties in the summer are really unique. If I have to compare it to Europe I would say only the people are the change - same vibes, nice people, very good atmosphere. I think the music takes the clubs to global unity.

Talking about producing. Which DAW are you using and which instruments do you prefer?

Any favourites?

We are working with Cubase from day one. Jos is the master of melodies and sounds and Eli grooving and managing the ideas. Both of us share the same passion, we are almost speechless in the studio. We love to open up a loop and just flow with the sounds. We know us for many years, so the same stuff catch our ears. Jos is on the mouse and I'm on the atmosphere, and I can say for sure the best moments in this scene is that one when you find the sounds you're looking for and the loop is taking you to the place you dream of, and we look at each other in the studio and just dance! I can say for sure that tools & toys you have in the studio doesn't make you a better producer. I remember when we started, we worked with unfamiliar and very simple devices without a sound card and quality monitors and we did amazing things with it. Btw. our first Ep on Parquet Recordings („Atlantis / Destination“) was made in our old studio, working only with VST Plugins and a computer who just wanted to die. Step by step together we learn about sounds and save our income money from gigs only to raise our passion to sound and new challenges. Today our studio looks completely different, built and wrapped in a very acoustic form in the basement of Yossi's house. We have some small toys like the Minimoog, Korg Minilog and some Drum Machines. We still use a lot of high-quality plugins because we think they're providing incredible products and lots of possibilities, such as „Atmosphere“, „Trilian“ and all the plugs of UAD. The compressors are amazing, and all the classical synthesis we just love. And with the right touch we can do magical things, our latest release "Amore"  created with two more talented friends „Jenia Tarsol" & „Sean Doron“ who create music their own way. We had some happy hours in the studio with 4 heads and sharing ideas and sounds. We seat on it long and rush hours but in the end it was worth it. Using Moog for the flat base and some spanish trumpets and record shakers live and add some kickdrum machine. This was pure fun!

Which Jos & Eli projects can we expect soon?

Are there any news you want to tell us?

I think that over the time the required level is rising and that's what affects us first. We try to get more out of ourselves, and I'm sure we're making better music every day more and more. Our next material is massive and comes with more experience than before…can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Several tracks are ready, maybe an album…who knows!!


Your 3 favourite Parquet Recordings Tracks?

 It´s super hard to choose only 3 tracks but let's try:


1. Jos & Eli, Jenia Tarsol, Sean Doron – Amore (Original Mix)

2. Oliver Schories - Metris (Solee Remix)

3. Township Rebellion - Challenger (Original Mix)

More infos about Jos & Eli:

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