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parquet chat w/ BOSS AXIS

Thomas Knoll and Marcel Florschütz aka Boss Axis are members of our Parquet family since 9 years. They played their energetic livesets at many our showcases and label nights and had more than 20 releases on Parquet Recordings during the last years. Together with our labelboss Solee they produced the parquet100 hymn "Still here" and delievered 2 beautiful artist albums on Parquet Recordings. In 2018 they´re celebrating their 10 years anniversary!

Time to ask our most faithful companions about the formation history of Boss Axis, their favourite locations, studio work and more. (April 2018)


Hi Marcel & Thomas, this year you are celebrating the 10 years anniversary of your project "Boss Axis"! Congratulation! How have you guys met each other and when have you started to work on your first corporate productions?

Marcel: We knew each other since 1998, have met in a youth club in our hometown Suhl. Thomas was djing privately and made first steps in producing with analogue equipment. I started one year later to dj. After several years we met again in my first studio, it was summer 2008. We were jaming around and had the idea of combining my love for housemusic and our both passion for melodies. The result was "Unconscious Perception". First under the name De Vole & Janero. In the same year our friend Steve (aka Moneo) joined us. We produced some tracks together and in late summer 2008 the formation "Boss Axis" was build. Our first ever release was the "Axis EP" digital and the follow up "Sad Beauty / Second Face" on vinyl. What a dream came true, it was released on one of our favourit labels, Parquet Recordings. 2009 Steve left the trio for family reasons.

Lets talk about your new single "Cloud 9".
Can you tell us something about the genesis of this track? Which instruments you have used to create the individual elements? What would you say is the most important piece of your studio-equipment? Who does what in the studio?

Thomas: For "Cloud 9" we used as hardware the Microkorg XL for the bassline, several VSTs, like the "Trilion" for the hook, the "Omnisphere" and "Prophet" for leads and pads. The idea behind was one track which typifies us. Melodic, groovy and a break to raise the roof. ;)


Marcel: Its different. Sometimes Thomas is jamming around with melodies, creating a loop. Then mostly I'm responsible for drumming, like beats fill ins and fx, percussion things. Arrangement is does by us together. Otherwise I start with a drum and percussion loop and try to find a catchy hook. Often jamming hours by hours to find THAT melody, who never appeard in a release (haha ;) Most important studio tool? ... the coffee machine (haha ;)

Which locations are your favorite spots to play?
Thomas: Our favourit locations are definitely the "Artheater" in Cologne with the "Bergwacht Cologne Events", the "Sisyphos" Berlin and the "Zauberwald Openair" near our hometown Suhl. Each of them are very special to us, had such amazing and intense moments while playing there.

Which Boss Axis projects can we expect soon?
Marcel: A new double single will be released on in may on Moonbootique. Another one on Enchant Audio with remixes by Modeplex and Stefan Biniak. A special collab with "Hello Machines" will be coming out in may. Special means more in the field of progressive house. Some remixes on different labels during summer.

Your 3 favourite Parquet Recordings Tracks?


Solee - Timba

Tom Novy - Walking On The Moog

Worakls - Goodnight My Love




Boss Axis - Keep Going

Maverickz & John Sparks - Sinners

Rauschhaus & Peter Groskreuz - Astronaut


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